Poll for dates


Hello, organizers and event planners! Today, we are introducing a new feature on our free online tool, Swallow Poll: “Poll for Dates.” This straightforward feature aims to make scheduling meetings, events, and other group activities easier. Read on to learn how “Poll for Dates” can assist you.

What is “Poll for Dates”?

“Poll for Dates” is a new feature on Swallow Poll that allows users to create polls to determine the most suitable dates for meetings, events, or other group activities. It eliminates the need to spend hours coordinating people’s availability.

How “Poll for Dates” Works?

  1. Create a poll: Visit Swallow Poll and choose the “Create Poll for Dates” option. Enter a poll name, description, and select a date range for which you want to find available dates.

  2. Invite participants: After creating the poll, share the link with the people you wish to invite to the event. Participants simply click the link to join the poll.

  3. Participants choose available dates: Participants can view the date range and mark the dates they are available. Note that the participants cannot add their own date suggestions in this version.

  4. Select the most suitable date: Once everyone has marked their availability, Swallow Poll will automatically display the date that suits the majority of participants. You can then announce the chosen date for your event.

Give “Poll for Dates” a try and experience hassle-free scheduling with Swallow Poll.