Other option The “Other” option is a useful feature that can be added to online polls and surveys to allow respondents to provide a custom answer that may not be covered by the predefined choices.

Here are some benefits of adding an “Other” option to your polls and surveys:

  1. It allows for more flexibility and creativity in answering: Respondents can provide their own unique responses that may not fit into any of the existing options.
  2. It allows for more accurate data collection: By providing an “Other” option, you can ensure that you capture all relevant responses, even if they don’t fit into the predefined choices.
  3. It can help identify trends and patterns: By analyzing the responses to the “Other” option, you can get a better understanding of what your respondents are thinking and what issues are most important to them.

To add an “Other” option to your poll or survey, simply click the Add “other” link in the Answer options section of the poll. Add "other" option

Your respondents will then be able to select the “Other” option and provide their own answer. Other option

And you can see the results in the your admin dashboard.

Enjoy! 😎

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